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Roots vacuum pump as booster pump


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22 Juli 2020
As one of the vacuum pump series, roots vacuum pump is widely used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. As a booster pump, roots vacuum pump is one of the main products of our company, and its wide range of application is favored by customers.

The pressure of hydraulic system of Roots vacuum pump is not adjusted properly, resulting in system heating. Roots vacuum pump hydraulic system is generally high pressure and large flow system. The introduction of Roots vacuum pump into PLC greatly improves the reliability of electrical system. At the same time, the pressure of Roots vacuum pump and the working conditions of each system should be observed. After all systems work normally, the roots vacuum pump can be pumped continuously as much as possible. The piston of concrete cylinder should be kept running at the maximum stroke, so as to give full play to the maximum efficiency of Roots vacuum pump and make the concrete cylinder wear evenly in the length direction The pressure is too high and unstable, and the oil temperature rises. In case of pipe crown vibration and pumping difficulties, it is not allowed to pump by force, but the causes should be found out immediately to eliminate them. From the investigation of the use of fine aggregate concrete pump, it is found that the temperature of the hydraulic system of many types of Roots vacuum pump can be as high as 60E after using for about 40min, and the thermal equilibrium temperature of the hydraulic system can be as high as 70E after using for about 2h, while the normal thermal balance temperature of the hydraulic system of Roots vacuum pump should be about 50E. Therefore, the oil temperature of Roots vacuum pump hydraulic system is too high, that is heating problem.

In Roots vacuum pump hydraulic system, due to the performance requirements, the system is often equipped with safety valve, overflow valve and sequence valve. If the pressure of the safety valve is adjusted too low, the safety valve will open frequently, resulting in overflow loss and system heating; if the pressure is adjusted too high, the leakage in the system will increase and the system will heat up. Therefore, the safety valve and pressure value should be calculated and adjusted correctly according to the load requirements of the hydraulic system, so as to ensure that the system works within the specified pressure range. The elbow of the delivery pipe can be knocked with a mallet first. Conical pipe and other parts, and slow pumping or reverse pump to prevent blockage. In hot summer, wet straw bags should be used to cover the pipeline to prevent the concrete from collapsing too fast and blocking the pipe during the pumping process. However, no matter what type of pump, its executive components are the same, including the main delivery cylinder, distribution valve swing cylinder and mixing motor, and the cylinder reversing is controlled by the on-off and travel switch (or proximity switch) of the corresponding solenoid valve.

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